• Edinburgh (10 dates)
  • USA/Canada (70+ dates)
  • Hangzhou, China (3 dates)


  • Associate Sound Designer
  • Production Sound Engineer
  • Sound Operator

I was brought on as an associate to the designer, Hugh Walker, for the show’s USA tour. While theatrical in concept and nature, the sound design for the show called for something more akin to a pop concert; loud, punchy, bass-heavy, yet still subtle and theatrical. With no track or band, the performance is entirely cappella with live looping (entirely controlled by the sound operator).

We used Shure KSM-9 and Beta58 capsules for the cast members, with PSM1000 IEMs, touring on a Yamaha CL5 console with L’Acoustics PA (sometimes augmented by house PA in the 1000-5000-capacity venues in which the show was touring). There was a significant amount of MIDI automation from a show computer to the desk. The show completed its 6-month tour of Canada and the US to great acclaim (including 5 shows at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC)

About the show

Mind-blowing beatboxing, breathtaking harmonies and amazing arrangements of the world’s favourite songs. This all-singing, all-beatboxing, all-awesome theatrical experience does for a cappella what Tap Dogs did for tap dance!

Featuring three-time undefeated UK Beatbox Champion and current World Team Champion BALL-ZEE and an international cast of world-class vocalists, GOBSMACKED! is the best a cappella group ever to set foot on stage. This show pushes vocal boundaries to deliver a slick, musically accomplished, high energy spectacular with not a single musical instrument to be seen!