• Edinburgh (60 dates)
  • USA/Canada (70+ dates)
  • Norwegian Escape (open-ended since 2018)


  • Sound Designer

As the opening sound designer for this show, I had a considerable amount of creative freedom to influence the sound of The Choir of Man. In some ways a fairly typical theatre design, with line-by-line mixed dialogue, this show presented some unique challenges with its complex, changing vocal harmonies and flexible, responsive, semi-improvised dialogue. Entirely cappella numbers – with rich, loud, deep bass through omnidirectional headset microphones needed to compete with loud, track-heavy songs. Industry-standard DPA4066 headsets were used throughout, with the show mixed on Yamaha consoles, leaning on MIDI automation through Figure53 QLab.

The show ran in Edinburgh for two consecutive Fringe festivals at the 650-capacity Music Hall, before moving to the Norwegian Escape cruise ship, where it currently plays 8 shows a week on an open-ended run around the East Coast of the USA. A subsequent 6-month tour of the USA is in progress, with future touring to Australia planned.

About the show

It’s a party. It’s a concert. It’s a pint-filled good time set in a working pub (free beer anyone?) that combines hair-raising harmonies, high-energy dance, and live percussion with foot-stomping choreography. The multi-talented cast of nine handsome blokes sings everything – pub tunes, folk, Broadway, classic rock – all to roof-raising heights. It’s the best singing, dancing, stomping, pub crawl of a concert you’ll ever attend! CHEERS!

The Choir of Man is the latest show from the creative minds of Nic Doodson and Andrew Kay – the team behind Soweto Gospel Choir, The Magnets and the award winning North by Northwest.